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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Talking to your DNA

There is no incurable disease, there’s only an incurable person – One of my Guru’s said to me.
After some contemplation I concluded “a person is definitely not the disease but a person can become the disease”.  Does that still seem cryptic? I thought as much!

One of my spunky friends’ put it rather simply “When you believe that there’s no cure for you, you can die of anything you like”. Bingo!

Some of you (my regular readers) who have read my previous blog “Faith and Treatment” might sense a contradiction.  No Sirs! I don’t ask you to have faith, but I askyou to keep an open mind. Presume neither magical recovery with alternative systems nor the impossibility of getting better or responding to anything. When you close your mind you ordain your body to be into a subtle resignation.

What is it that you want? Do you really want to get better? If you are trying hard to fight illness, then continue to do so.  In Swami Vivekananda’s word s, “Stop not till the goal is reached”.  In the process monitor what therapy works for you and the extent to which it is useful.  Do understand that your goal is to get better and nothing other than that.

Some thought lines that detract you from your goal of getting better:
No one cares for me.
They are responsible for my deteriorating health condition and stressing me out.
Now that I am sick, you’ll have to listen to me and pay attention to my needs.
Now that I am sick are you happy? – REVENGE.
I hate myself, I can never forgive myself.
I have wronged others, now I’ll bear my punishment with resignation.
Things will never change.
What works for others does not work for me.

We channelize our energies towards proving that we are right. If you find yourself holding on to any of these belief systems, then trust me you don’t want to do that if you really “real”ly  want to get better.

Through our thoughts and actions we constantly change our physical state of being. At cellular levels, the messages get registered in our DNA unconsciously. When you mediate upon your goal, the process becomes a conscious effort towards changing the being in you. Meditation is known to enhance healing capacity and there are various explanations for the same. I am still contemplating on my Guru Mantra “Meditate to talk to your DNA”. How to mediate?  Another blog, another time!

To Health and Wellness!!


  1. you have hit the nail on the head.

  2. Talking to DNA through meditation!! Interesting!!. I believed meditating is a process of sensing the presence of Atman within us. May be it has multiple utility. Scientists like you have to discover and explain its various facets.

  3. Pragati, you are getting better with each writing, you have got the essence, and articulated it,"talk to your DNA through meditation", lovely.

    All the best....nk