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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Chronicle of a Baby Upturned

Acupressure for Foetus in breech presentation

For the first time I have had an opportunity to apply and witness results of one of the rarer applications of acupressure. I say ‘rarer’ as none of my colleagues have until now had a chance to use this technique in practice.
One of the clients whose foetus was in a breech presentation in the 37th week of her pregnancy, got in touch with me after she was suggested C-Section in a week’s time. I felt excited and intrigued, as I had, till now, only studied about the property of certain pressure points which could normalize the position of the foetus. Link
First attempt: 48 hours from the time pressure was applied, the client went for a check – up which confirmed that the foetus had turned head-down but its head wasn’t fixed yet. In the next two days the client felt as if the foetus had changed its position again. I wouldn’t comment on that as I am not trained to clinically determine the positioning of the foetus. However, she was very certain as she could sense foetal movements in her abdomen.

Second attempt: Three days later, in the beginning of her 38th week, I applied pressure again. Additionally, I tied seeds to the pressure points so that the pressure would be sustained for atleast 24 hours. I also asked the client’s husband to tap the seeds tied to the points to make sure that pressure is consistent. In the subsequent check-up, the foetus had come to the normal delivery position with its head fixed.

It’s a thrilling moment when theory confirms itself with practical results. This was my first-hand experience with turning “a life” around.

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  1. This sounds so magical! Proud of you Gugal di :) Lots of love! X

  2. Thanks for sharing your experience Pragati. I am not surprised with this, as I am fully convinced with your ability and immense interest in the field. Keep going..........

  3. The body is a complex instrument with potentials beyond humam comprehension. It is great when this energy is tapped.

  4. Hi,Pragati.I am a firm believer of holistic healing.I am proud of u and ur abilities.God Bless you and shower His blessings on u.You will do karishmas with your abilities.Love Anitaa aunty.

  5. Pragati,

    Wish you all the best, our class of YIC should be proud of you. Both of us are....Krishna+nk